Who Stole the Town Hall?
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Who Stole the Town Hall?

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The end of local government as we know it

In this provocative new book, Peter Latham argues that the UK Conservative Government's devolution agenda conceals their real intention: to complete the privatisation of local government and other public services.

Using illustrative examples from across the UK, including the so-called 'Northern Powerhouse' and the Midlands, the book explains the far-reaching implications of the reorganisation of local government that is already affecting vital public services, including education, health, housing and policing.

Proposing an overhaul of the taxation system to include land value taxation, a wealth tax and more progressive income tax to fund an increase in directly provided services, the author argues that a new basis for federal, regional and local democracy is vital.

"Latham's passion for democracy and social justice shines through in his detailed critique of the latest wave of neoliberal attacks on local government." - Kevan Nelson, North West Regional Secretary, UNISON

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