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We're All In It Together
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We're All In It Together

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A Benefit Album for the Morning Star, featuring 33 songs over 2 CDs

  • Disc 1 - Protest
  1. The Destroyers Where Has The Money Gone?
  2. Paul Heaton Ladder's Bottom Rung
  3. Show of Hands Arrogance, Ignorance And Greed
  4. Jackie Leven The View From Shit Creek
  5. Kit Clark The Totalitarian Tip Toe
  6. Thea Gilmore Inch By Inch
  7. The Travelling Band Battlescars
  8. James Yorkston Doffing Mistress
  9. Pete Molinari Lest We Forget
  10. Eddi Reader Tomorrow Night
  11. The Scaremongers Long Ride Home
  12. Vinny Peculiar with Luke Haines My Generation (I Said Goodbye)
  13. Robyn Hitchcock Brenda's Iron Sledge
  14. Lau Vs Adem Ghosts
  15. Martin George Stephenson Look Sir
  16. Michael Weston King with Al Cook We're All In This Together
  • Disc 2 - Survive
  1. Pele (Ian Prowse) Fat Black Heart
  2. Southern Tenant Folk Union The Rights & Interests Of The Laboring Man
  3. Phil Burdett Heart Of The Social
  4. Robb Johnson Goodnight Jerusalem
  5. Henry Priestman It's Called A Heart
  6. Kathryn Williams Smiles Or The Suits
  7. Oliver James Lomax Englands New Trinity Of Love
  8. Peter Bruntnell Tin Streamer Song
  9. Jim Moir One Note World
  10. Boo Hewerdine Quarantine
  11. Reg Meuross Victor Jara
  12. Quiet Loner Hide And Fear
  13. Andy White Gordon Brown
  14. Clive Gregson & Christine Collister Lost At Sea
  15. Dean Owens Take It Easy But Take It
  16. Brian Denn Empire's Son
  17. Three Blind Wolves Three Blind Wolves