Red Groove
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Red Groove

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"A delightfully detailed and imaginative evocation of innumerable moments of recorded and live magic. There's rigorous scholarship here, yes, but essentially Red Groove is a dazzling celebration, motivated by a sense of respect, gratitude and love."
- Robert Wyatt

Red Groove: Jazz writing from the Morning Star is a different kind of jazz book.

Filled with spirited and well-informed essays by a man who has listened to and loved the music passionately and critically for more than fifty years. Chris Searle emphasies the musicians' links with the social and political world in which they play a vital cultural part. He demonstrates how jazz has become a truly international phenomenon through his writing on jazzmen and jazzwomen, and their musicianship, from as far apart as Japan and Argentina, Chicago and Sheffield, Bengal and Benin, Iraq and Norway, Cuba and Cape Town.

The Supplement contains contributions from activists such as: Nick Lowles, Sabby Dhalu, Matthew Collins, Zita Holbourne, Alex Gordon, and Peter Frost."