London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid
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London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid

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"To this effort they brought their time, their skills, their knowledge, but most of all, their undoubted courage. They were drawn from different backgrounds and political formations on the left. What they shared was a readiness to risk life and limb in the struggle of another country. Working in self-contained cells that were unaware of each other, under the guidance of a small unit operating out of London, these deidicated women and men helped the liberation movement to rebuild its capacity inside South Africa at a time when repression had all but extinguished the embers of resistance."

- Z. Pallo Jordan

ANC members found it very difficulty to escape police surveillance after the Rivonia trial of Nelson Mandela and other leaders in 1963-64. But while people from outside South Africa - being unknown and unsuspected - could move about freely to do things for the ANC. London Recruits tells of the secret work they did: how they were reunited, their activities in South Africa and neighbouring countries, their motives and how they feel about it in retrospect.

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