Freedom from Tyranny
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Freedom from Tyranny

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The Fight Against Fascism and the Falsification of History

"The sturdy young Nazis of Germany are Europe's guardian against the communist danger...Germany must have elbow room...The diversion of Germany's reserves of energy and organising ability into Bolshevik Russia would help restore the Russian people to a civilised existence, and perhaps turn the tide of world trade once more towards prosperity." - Daily Mail, 28th November 1933

Phil Katz (MSc) has produced a very important contribution of our understanding of why the second world war started, the agendas of the ruling class and how the people throughout Europe responded to the challenge.

The training of the Home Guard by communists who had fought in the Spanish Civil War, the banning of the Daily Worker not for calling the war imperialist but for exposing the neglect in failing to provide deep shelters for the bombing, the role of the Communist party in opening up the London underground stations for Londoners being bombed - all these not generally known aspects of the war are described in Katz's remarkable book.

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