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Sunak’s abandonment of many of the government’s commitments render Socialism or Extinction – originally written before the Glasgow COP26 Climate Change
Conference and now revised - even more immediately relevant. It is being relaunched as part of Manifesto Press’ Workers’ and Students’ Guide series as (i) the planet’s prospects have not improved since the autumn of 2021, and (ii) the sector-by polluting-sector analysis remains powerful in exposing the fundamental impossibility of real change under capitalism. Socialism or Extinction considers the climate crisis sector by sector focusing on the energy, transport, agriculture, fashion, food retail, and steel. McGill considers the laws of capitalism which govern those sectors and will continue to destroy the environment; unless we destroy capitalism and replace it with a more rational economy beyond the profit imperative.

Stewart McGill used to work in the financial sector. He now teaches martial arts for a living and writes on political economy and football. He is a contributing editor with
Manifesto Press. Three of his works are being published in Manifesto’s Workers’ and Students’ Guide; The Top Ten Economic Myths, Socialism or Extinction, and Straight Lefts on Inflation.

Manifesto Press’ Workers’ and Student’s Guides aim to provide a solid foundation for informed discussion that challenges the facile prejudices and myths imposed by bourgeois hegemony. Where ideological discussions that spring from daily life, the mass media and the world of work our Guides aim to arm working people with the arsenal of ideas that serve the aim of winning working class political and state power.

This series will provide that arsenal by bridging the divide between the zeitgeist discussion and the political and cultural reality. The information provided will be applicable and relevant to the readers everyday life as a worker, influencer, negotiator, and a participant in the cultural conversation. They will also provide a means of questioning the dominant narratives fed us by the media, a tool that can undermine the bourgeois hegemony at source.

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