Progressive Listings A-Z
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9/11 Cultwatch - Resisting Conspiracy Theories
An Phoblacht: Sinn Fein Monthly Newspaper, Ireland
A Furness Red — British Communist in South Cumbria
ASLEF, the train drivers’ union
Alliance for Green Socialism
Anti Academies Alliance


Billy Hayes
Birmingham Trades Union Council
Birmingham Clarion Singers
Bolton Socialist Club


Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases
Campaign For Change
Change - Register your opposition to ATOS ORIGIN by signing the online petition here
CWU, the communication workers’ union
CWU Solent Branch
Campaign Against Euro Federalism and The Democrat
Campaign for Labour Party Democracy
Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
Campaign for Public Ownership
Chelmsford and District TUC
Clarion, the (Forest & Wye Valley) true left co-operative magazine
Communist biographies, YCL, CP and other history — from Graham Stevenson
Communist Collective
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Britain Scottish Committee
Communist Party of Britain — North Devon Branch
Communist Party of Britain Northern District Committee
Communist Party of Britain Welsh Committee
Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party of Great Britain
Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party USA, Houston branch
Communist Review: Theoretical & discussion journal of the Communist Party of Britain
Communist University
Consultation Watch
Convention of the Left
Co-op Jive – free Dance Co-operative
Cor Cochion Caerdydd – Cardiff Reds Choir
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Cuba Solidarity Campaign - Brighton
Cuba Solidarity Campaign internet shopping website
Cuba Solidarity Campaign – Manchester Group
CWU Education
Cymdeithas yr laith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society)


Damian McCarthy - Employment lawyer
Dorset Socialists - For Left Unity in Action


Economic and Philosophical Science Review
Education for Tomorrow


Faiz Ahmed Faiz Centenary Celebration
Friends of Bilston Community College
FBU, Fire Brigades Union
For Bolshevism - AUCPB
Foundation for Proportional Representation-based Socialism


Gail Cartmail — Unite Assistant General Secretary
Galaxia, a revolutionary socialist band
GMB, Britain’s general union protecting you at work
GMB, North West & Irish Region
GMB Southern Region
George Barnsby Working Class Library and Free Communist Bookshop
Greater London Association of Trade Councils
Green Left
Green Party


Hackney Trades Union Council
Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers
Hands Off Venezuela
Harrow Humanist Society
Holiday and conference centre in Germany founded by anti-fascists


I Intend to Escape... and Come Back - Devoted to Politics, Sports, Parapolitics, Griping and Life in the London Borough of Hackney
In Defence of Marxism/Socialist Appeal
Institute of Employment Rights
International Brigade Memorial Trust
Irish Democrat


John Chambers, Cornish artist, CPB activist
John Gregory, 1831-1922, pioneer of Bristol’s trade union and socialist movements and prolific poet


Ken Gill Memorial Fund
Karl Dallas, writer of songs and poems, teller of tales
Korean Friendship Association (Friends of the DPRK)


La Columna: Spanish Civil War Living History Group
Labour Action for Peace
Labour CND
Publications, History and posters from the Labour Movement
Labour Land Campaign
Labour Representation Committee
Lancaster District CND
Lambeth Trade Union Council
Left on the Shelf, 2nd hand books
Leicester Secular Society
Leicester Trades Union Council and County Association
Lewes & District Trades Union Council
LGBT Labour
London Hazards Centre
London Progressive Journal (online weekly current affairs magazine)
London Socialist Film Co-op
London Socialist Historians Group


Mat Coward
Musicians Against Nuclear Arms (MANA)
Musicians Union


NAPO - The trade union and professional association for family court and probation staff
National Assembly of Women
NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK
National Clarion Cycling Club 1895 (North Lancs Union)
National Union of Teachers national president Bill Greenshields
Nick Burdon & Denis Blockley Memorial Trust Fund
NPC, National Pensioners Convention
NUM, National Union of Mineworkers


OH Parsons & Partners, Trade Union solicitors
Olympic Poetry


Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign
Pattinson and Brewer, the claimant solicitors proud to represent the unions
PCS, Public and Commercial Services Union
People Against Global Imperialism Prospect, the union for professional and allied staff (managers, engineers, scientists)
Prosperity UK – monthly journal on money reform – freedom from debt slavery



Radical News Digest
Red Leicester socialist choir
Red Pepper, magazine of the independent left
Red Rope, Socialist Walking and Climbing Club
Report digital, independent picture library covering the labour movement & social issues
Republican Party of England
Revolting Europe: A blog on the left, labour and social movements
“Revolution Destroyed?” autobiography of Steve Wallis
Revolutionary Imperative Revolutionary Platform Network Forum
RMT, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport workers
Ruskin College


Scottish Campaign Against Euro Federalism
Scottish Left Review magazine, radical Scottish writing, free at
Short stories, by David Deacon
Smokestack Books, radical poetry publishers
Socialist Labour Party
Socialist Productions, t-shirts, badges, flags, bags
Socialist Resistance
Society for Co-operation in Russian and Soviet Studies
Spanish Republican exiles, Spanish Republican slave labourers in Channel Islands – Basque Children 1937 refugees
Spartacist League, British Section of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist)
Spectre, the voice of the anti-EU left in Europe
Stalin Society
Steve Wallis’s socialist website
Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee
Swindon TUC campaign for the abolition of NHS prescription charges in all of the UK


Thompsons Solicitors, trade union lawyers
Trotskyist-Posadist Fourth International
TSSA, the union for people in transport and travel


UCATT, the Construction Workers Union
UNISON, Scotland
UNISON, City of London Branch
UNISON, North West Region
Unite T&G section 1/1148 Branch
Unity Books, catalogues for left and Marxist texts online
Unity Trust Bank plc, the trade union bank


Venezuela Solidarity Campaign


War on Want
Welsh Republic
West London Trade Union Club
Whistlebinkies, chronicle of a folk group
Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC
Workers, the monthly journal for workers by workers
Workers’ Music Association
Working Class Movement Library
Wortley Hall, the Workers Stately Home



Young Communist League of Britain